Design Awareness 2004
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Design Awareness

In ten years Design Awareness has awarded over $200,000 in scholarships, prizes, internships, and cultural trips to those in the design industry, both professional designers and students of design.

A brand new feature we just launched is the "Design A Kitchen" area of our site. Here, people that need to do a kitchen remodel will be able to design the kitchen of their dreams with the click of the mouse. This feature is brought to you by - our thanks go out to them.

Looking for good prices on design textbooks, try this site. It compares prices from many different online stores.

Getting married? Find what colors you should go with. If your big day is happening at a tropical setting or beach, choose from a varied selection of affordable wedding invitations at this site.

Are you a parent? Don't leave your family in a bind - get life insurance.

This is the Design Awareness Blog (short for web log). We'll update it as new information is released on the site and as new details for this year's Design Awareness Event are announced. You can use the calendar on the left, as well as the search section to look for previous announcements.

All students have one thing in common, they need to save money - being it on car insurance, textbooks, housing, food, etc. If you know of any web sites where students can save money, please let us know.