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Modern Wedding Colors

Brides nowadays are choosing bright and modern colors for their wedding theme more and more. But they often do not stop to think of the meaning of those colors.

Here are some common colors and their meanings:

Black is a new color for weddings because it is often associated with death and unpleasant events. But black can be a very stylish color, especially on wedding invitations.

The color blue is calming and can symbolize youth and spirituality. It is a great modern color for young and adventureous people. Some great blues are: azure, aqua, navy blue, etc.

Brown is a very rich and sensual color especially if paired with colors like pink, orange, lavender, aqua, plus many more modern colors.

Green is often associated with nature and can be a great color for an outdoors wedding.

The color orange is the classic for a fall and autumn wedding because it resembles the turning leaves of fall.

Pink is an adventureous color, especially hot pink. It conjures an feminine image, so it is a great color for a wedding.

Purple is a color that reflects royalty and days gone by. It is a very common color for weddings for good reason - it complements many skin tones, and goes well with many other colors.

This is a very popular color due to its connection with red roses. What flower better represents love and romance.